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Lady Gaga VIP Trip!
Status: Live ⋅ Type: Referral

We know that there are lots of Gaga fans out there, with millions of Twitter followers and fans on Facebook, Gaga is taking over the world!

The good news for all her fans is that she is looking to create another tour for 2012. Gaga said she had no need for a break between tours and owed it to her fans to get back on the stage. “If you're running a marathon, and you're about to cross the finish line, you don't stop and say, 'Oh, once I cross it, it's over.' You run as fast as you can to get there as quickly as you can,” she said.
“So I guess, for me, it's about how many marathons can I run? How many dreams can I make true? Now, not for me, but for my fans.” The Judas singer has already tweeted that the tour is likely to be called the Born This Way Ball or The Third Monster Ball.
So how could we pass up this opportunity? Now is the chance for the Gaga Monsters to win a VIP Gaga experience at one of her 2012 concerts.
We will have three prizes, the first placed winner will get the full VIP experience and meet and greet tickets if they are available. Second and third place will be standard tickets and all prizes will include three nights accomodation for two people along with return flights from your destination.
So what do you have to do? Well we have mixed things up this time. The first prize will be a draw - just like the MTV competition and the London Trip competition. Basically you can buy tickets for the draw with Credits here. On the first of May 2012 (or sooner or later, depending on the tour dates) the first and second prize will be drawn, the more Credits you get, the more tickets you can buy, the more chance you have of winning the draw . The third prize will be chosen from the top ten people who refer the most people to Koini via the their unque link on in the Lady Gaga competition (when you have joined it will be on the right hand side).
So if you are in the top ten referrers with the Gaga link you will be in with a shot of winning at least third prize. We will choose the person out of that top ten who we feel has contributed the most to Koini during the competition.
Good Luck!!